Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Doll show status check...

Down to the less than 3-week-wire of flying out.  That means I need to ship a box of babies to the show convention center soon. 

So what is happening in the nursery?

Well, I should finish rooting Nigel today.  I am loving this color of hair on him!  I will photograph him on Sunday if all goes well.

Big girl Mariana has half of her hair.  I'll go back to rooting her in the evenings as soon as Nigel is finished.

I would love to finish rooting Gus too.  He is tiny but the rooting takes a long time.  (He is the little guy I did when I taught my granddaughter how to reborn.)

Danene needs painted so I'll start her on Monday.  She may not have any hair before the show but I'll bring her along for show anyway.  I have her hair picked out, I just may not have time to root it. 

I am hoping that the DVD's will ship this week.  I just sent a message to the production company to check status.

Although I have some mohair processed I'd love to get more kid hair worked up to bring to the show.

I have some shopping to do yet for some of the babies and for me as well.  

I began the assembly of class and workshop supplies but need to finish that up too.  

The show manual is almost finished.  This is for my helpers while I am away from my booth (Friday).

Okay, I have my list~watch me go!! 


  1. You are amazing Debbie..... Wishing you great success at the show!


  2. Go Debbie, GO!! Just remember to breath, and watch the clouds and pet Toby.

    Hugs, see you soon.