Monday, May 7, 2012

First adoption of this kind

You all gave some excellent guesses as to what type of adoption that I recently made!  
Thank you for joining in the fun  :)

The adoption is a typical reborn doll.  Huh?  I've adopted lot's of reborn dolls, right?  
Yes, I have.  But this is the first time I have ever adopted back one of my own reborn dolls!

Please meet Brittany!

Here are a few of her auction pictures from 2008 when I "birthed" her:

 And here are two really quick pictures taken in the nursery after she arrived.  I didn't even turn on the lights as I was in the middle of working with Matthew's pictures and auction when she arrived. 

I have loved this baby ever since she left my nursery in 2008 and am delighted that I had the opportunity to bring her back home.  

She is the "Ella Rose" sculpt by Vikki Ebbling.  
Her straight legs add so much to her already charming personality.

I can't wait to have more time for dress up and pictures!  
I was going through my baby clothes the other day trying to find something to put on Lisa.  Everything I looked at I had the thought "Oh, that would look so adorable on Brittany!"  
LOL...I am totally hopeless.

Tomorrow I can't wait to share the new one I am working on!  
It's a silicone/vinyl doll and I'm using LDC paints.  Unreal, right??  



  1. Love that pink outfit! me!! liking pink!! It fits her. Hugs and many thanks! Wednesday is coming!

  2. Oh Debbie, what a precious baby Brittany is...You have to tell us the story of how this all came about.