Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tiny Miracles Emily's little secret

I had been keeping a secret with Tiny Miracles Emily.

You see, my granddaughter, Jena, now age 14 played with this little dolly at my house all the years she was growing up.  

She is the one shown on the right in this picture:

Her arm fell off a few years ago so she has been sitting in the studio all this time. 
I had purchased a new body for her oh gosh, about 8 years ago intending to reborn her for Jena.

Well, you know how time goes.

Since I was reborning the full-size Emily, I decided now was a good time to reborn Tiny Emily, but I didn't tell Jena until last night.  She's pretty excited!

I posted pictures of Tiny Emily in a girl version and a boy version.  

I was SURE Jena would pick the boy version but instead, she is emotionally drawn to the girl version since Tiny Emily was a girl to her when she was growing up.  She would like me to give her a new name though as she babysits a little girl named Emily, who she says looks just like the doll and she thinks that would be "weird".  I am thinking I will call her Amelia, but I will have to give it some more thought.

Her she is in both the girl version and boy version.
(She still needs hair, lashes and final glossing...and assembly!)

Ahhhh Emily.  
She always has my heart.  
Maybe I need a boy version.

Happy Valentines Day!

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