Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rounding the bend!

I do not have any updated WIP pictures for the THREE dolls that I am currently painting.
Oh, three?  Did I forget to tell you about one of them?

It is a 16" Berenguer doll for a little girl who is a granddaughter to one of my best friends.  
She is turning 6 years old next week and she and her grandma are coming over for a dolly afternoon in the Dolly House!

Here she is all stripped down with temporary new eyes in.  

So today, I will be finishing the paint on all three babies.
They need their "undertones/thin skin", veins, nails tipped and detailed and the final "highlight" later.

Hmmm, I highly doubt that I will have to take progress pictures at the end of the day, but we'll see.  

Tomorrow the matting will begin. 

Eeeekkk...birth times three!

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