Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Please meet Olivia!

Baby Olivia was created from a 15 inch Berenguer LaBaby play doll.

I fully repainted her and added more hair detail using Baby FX paints, powders and mediums.

I changed her eyes but kept her original body as I wanted to keep her small for the just-turning 5 year old child who was to receive her.  (*I* thought the little girl was turning 6 but I was wrong!  What a delightful turning 5 year old she is!)

I did change the weight of her body some to make her more realistic and poseable.  

Here is the little dolly all stripped with one color of new eyes in, but I knew I would be ordering a darker brown than these:


I snuggled baby Olivia all up, tied her with pretty ribbons...

Then wrapped her in princess paper for the little princess to open her the day before her 5th birthday.  

She kept saying, "I love her". very special and forever friend!
(We enjoyed a play date in the Dolly House and she was in awe!"

What an amazing afternoon!

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  1. That is so sweet! You have such a kind heart 😊