Friday, February 24, 2017

Guess what happened 12 years ago?

They Never Grow Up Nursery was set into motion!

I began working on my first two dolls....
Two 15 inch Berenguer LaBaby baby dolls that I named Abby and Caleb.

That was a learning process that took me clear through the end of March before the first one (the girl, Abby) was ready for sale.  I learned and a I treasure those growing pains.

I wanted to create another one of the little girl, Abby, in honor of my 12 year anniversary and I have even purchased the Berenguer doll.  

But...I have been asked to do a custom portrait doll for a turning 18 year olds birthday.

It will be my honor  :)


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  1. Oh that sounds like such fun! Happy 12th Year Reborn Anniversary! OXOXOX