Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Baby Lucien (Grayson by Bonnie Brown) is born!

And he's headed home to his "mommy" today!
Whew...another miracle!  

He was named Lucien by his "mom" and I have added the names Albert Ingalls to the end as he looks like Albert Ingalls of the old show, "Little House on the Prairie" to me!

Welcome 20 inch, 4 lb 2 oz  Lucien!
Full limbs

I share his COA first as it was desired he look like the real Grayson that Bonnie Brown sculpted the kit after.  I patterned after the picture in the top middle and left his hair a little longer as per his "mommy's" request.
He has rooted lashes...probably the best I have done to date :)

Albert Ingalls:

Now...onto rooting Emily  :)

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