Friday, February 10, 2017

The transformation of Ashton Drake Emily

Once in a while you can scare your customers by Work in Progress pictures and once in a while you can even doubt your own process and technique.

Enjoy the photo journal of Ashton Drake's Welcome Home Emily from start to painted and matted finish.  

Just out of the box:

 Stripped of original paint and hair:

First layers of coloring:

 And this is where I made my customer nervous!
Through the process of painting and using powders and the setting medium, she became very sheeny which accentuated the colors. 

But once the matting was completed (I always use a little "Warm Details" in my matting mixture)
her colors softened, the sheen disappeared and she became beautiful again :)

This baby was painted completely with Baby FX Air Dry Paints,  Powders, mediums and mattes.

I am most pleased!

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