Monday, November 7, 2016

My new Baby FX Matting Mixture using Sure Bond

More than a year ago I blogged about a matting mix that I created with the Baby FX products.  

This mix has worked well for many people but since then, the Baby FX Sure Bond product was introduced.  I desired to use the Sure Bond in my matting mix as the Sure Bond is very durable.

With a little hint and help from my friend Angie Jones of Lil Dumplin's Nursery, Melissa George of MG Art Dolls and a reminisce of the mixture that I created before, I came up with this new mixture that I like very much.

It is a 4 component mixture consisting of these Baby FX products:
10 drops Sure Bond
2 ends of a Popsicle stick of Ultra Matte
1-2 ends of a Popsicle stick of Matte Powder
a touch of Warm Details paint
Mix all of these components well and then add 30 drops of water
The hint of Warm Details creates vibrancy to the colors of your doll.
Sometimes applying a pure white matte over your painted doll can dull the colors.

 The way to apply is it almost the same as on my video:
(See exceptions below the video)


Notice that I apply VERY LITTLE product to the application wedge!
This is super important because if you get too much on that wedge, the wedge will slip on the doll kit creating shine.  You can remove that shine once this layer is cured by going over it again, but who wants to repeat layers?  Just be careful not to slip.
Instead of pouncing the product on, press and hold your clean wedge against the matte sealer.  Press without slipping.
Melissa George told me that she reuses her press and hold wedges.  I tried that yesterday, saving the wedges I used from the last two dolls I matted, and I'll be darned, they work well!
You see, some of the matting agent is left behind on the wedge helping your matting process to go better.
On that note though, once your press and hold wedge begins to gain moisture from the matte sealer, change to a new wedge allowing that original wedge to dry.  You an go back to it once it is dry but I have found that moist wedges do not work as well and can slip too.
I have been told that pouncing with a dry brush works well on this mixture too.  
I have used a dry brush in the creases and that did work.
On the matte parts of your painted doll kit, apply the Matting Mix just one time.  
Where there are shiny parts (typically on the hands and feet) apply 2 or 3 times, allowing the matte to dry well before each application.  
Isn't it great to have options??  

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