Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bellamy's photo shoot

It is a great feeling to have this little girl done and sent home to her new "mom"!
It's almost birth!  Haha

Bellamy was created from the "Till" sculpt by Linde Scherer.
She was a custom order I took in 2013 and she is adopted/sold.
She is painted completely with Baby FX air dry paints, mattes and mediums.

Welcome Bellamy!

I guess I took a lot of pictures  :)


  1. She is totally adorable. I could see waiting this long for her. You did an outstanding job on her and I bet her mom is thrilled.

    1. Thank you Melissa! It is so relieving to have patience in my customers. It allows me the freedom to give my all and balance all of the other things that make