Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Taking a little time off for a doll show!

So many things are close to being completed right now, but I simply don't have time to do the final touches and take pictures....or list mohair  :)

I am finished painting and matting my two OOAK clay babies.  They are still in parts on the painting table and will remain that way until next week.  (I do still have to glue hair on Lahne.)

I will be completing a mini full body silicone today that I won't have time to show off either!

I will be packaging one more color batch of mohair this morning and doing the final washing, rinsing, combing, double rinsing and removing bands on two other big batches today.  I may not have time to package them tomorrow when they are dry.  

I am leaving tomorrow afternoon on a road trip to pick up my 13 year old granddaughter and we'll be headed for the 

on Friday!  

I don't enjoy road trips much but since my grandgirl doesn't live between here and the show, I will just have to go get her.  

She loves dolls and we love our time together in the car as well as at the show.

This is her second show and I wasn't planning on going but it is close to her birthday so...we are GOING!  :)

The show is just on Saturday and I hope that I bump into some of you there! 

I'll be back to work on Tuesday.


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