Sunday, January 10, 2016

Onto the next project....


Doing the photo and video shoot of Jazz and getting his auction up was largely stressful and my body is feeling it!  

I've not been able to have my weekly massage for the last 2 weeks due to lack of funds and my shoulders, upper back and neck are causing me trouble!  Mohair processing should be fun...


But, here I go and I WILL be able to get back on my weekly massages again this week so I will survive  :)

Have a great day everyone!


Ps...what I really WANT  to do (besides play in my dolly house) is to make my Angelica. 
She is Reva Schick's 5 year old child doll.  I've had her kit now for 2 years or more and she is for me.
I try to make a doll for me every year but I think I am going on my 3rd year without making myself a doll.  :(  

I need to take Decembers off.  Please remind me of that next year!   

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