Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dabling into unchartered territory using Baby FX POWDERS!

I have been processing mohair by day and rooting a full body mini silicone by evening and last night I simply just HAD to take a break and play!

My mission was to re-weight two of my newest OOAK clay babies.
Do you remember these two by Lilianne Breedveld?  I purchased them in October.

Well, I began taking them apart and remembered that they really do not have any color left and thought to myself..."well, I now have Baby FX powders!  Let's see how they work on clay!"

So, I washed the clay and started work on Lahne, the one on the left above.  She had hair but it was a clear cap wig and I wasn't totally in love with it as it was super pluggy so I took it off.  I will glue wonderful hair onto her later.

(Cell phone pictures taken at night)

I didn't want to go to bed!!!!  

I have her limbs colored and did this much to her face.  I will seal all of this with the SureBond and water spray then do more.  Since she is mine, I can see how she holds up over time.

I'm super excited because my own baby is getting face lift, something I rarely have time for!  

I'll keep you posted  :)


  1. Can't wait to see her finished. I wondered about her head the back looking rough. I thought rooting was the way to go but your going to glue on hair? When I think of that I think Ashton drake icky hair. Can't wait to see her

    1. Rooting IS the way to go but not on a baked clay head like hers. I thought her hair was rooted into the soft clay then baked but when I prepped her, the clear cap wig came loose and since it was really pluggy, I took it off. So yes, I will need to glue the hair on but I do a much better job than Ashton Drake! :)