Sunday, January 3, 2016

Moving into the Dolly House!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful entry into the New Year!

I found myself stuffing my car with baby furniture that I had stored at our old house.

Inside 1 Ford Edge is this:
2 full size vintage cribs and mattresses, 2 mini vintage cribs and mattresses, 1 changing table and pad, 1 toddler car seat, I infant car seat, 1 walker, 1 vintage bouncy rocker, 1 Jenny Jump Up, 1 vintage full size buggy, a crib mobile, a box of hangars, 3 big bags of bedding and me!

They don't call me the "Master Packer" for nothing! 

But oh, I disliked the mess that my Dolly House became!  
I guess this is the reason that I stalled beginning the move in (plus the fact that there were holidays to deal with!) as I wanted to enjoy the peace and serenity for a while.

First, I lay plastic down on the carpet to protect it from the outside elements and I carried things in. 
I could not get a vehicle into the back yard where the dolly house is due to the snow so I had to trudge through the back yard from the front driveway carrying each item into the house.
I placed the plastic strategically so that when I came in, I could walk to the place that I had pre-planned to set things down keeping my feet off of the carpet.

Let the mess begin!
This mess was after load one:

I put a lot of the things I did not need right now up into the loft (hence the ladder) and went to get load #2.

At this point, there was a still a bit of serenity in the house:
In the car this time was:
It contained another full size crib and mattress, 6 shelves for the walls, a huge tub of clothes, 3 very full laundry baskets full of clothes and a large box of clothes that I took out of the wardrobe that will be moved over later, 2 plastic drawers of shoes and socks, a potty chair, a small fainting couch, a shoe box of something that I don't remember what I put in and taped up, a decor box, a tub of toys and a doll sized high chair!

At this point, serenity barely existed!

Once again, I moved the things I did not need right now into the loft.

On New Years Day, my dear, local dolly friend came over and helped me do this...

I was excited to put the new set of bedding into the white crib.
I found it on eBay for under $50!

 The crib is more of an off white and the lace in the bedding matches perfectly!

Oh that was so thrilling!!!!

Yesterday I gussied up the cribs in the bay with nets that arrived in the mail.

The hooks that I used arrived in the mail a week ago.  They were black when they arrived.

What I loved about them were the added butterfly and bumblebee!  
Two of my favorite things!  I have always used butterflies in my nursery design and I have some outfits of bumblebees for my babies!
What I didn't love was the black but I fixed that.

Just perfect!  AND....I only paid $3 for the pair of hooks on eBay!

I added some lavender butterfly accents to the dust canopies:

 I added a high chair to the bay arrangement:

Place the floral arrangement between the two cribs:

Hung up this pretty crystal Guardian Angel one of my BFF's gave me for Christmas
(It is in the center window of the bay)
Oh!  Did you notice the blinds???  
They arrived last week and one evening I went out and hung them all.  
I LOVE them!

And I added this sweet set of rabbits to the window sill above the changing table.
I've had them in the studio for nearly a year now.  I got them at a winter yard sale last year specifically for the Dolly House.  You see, I love rabbits too and you will see plenty of them when the Dolly House is fully decorated.  And I may have a new silicone bunny on layaway with a silicone artist that will be added to my personal collection  :)

I so love how things are coming together!  
The cribs didn't work out how I originally planned in the bay but I do believe that I love this arrangement better.

I can't be any happier!  

I hope everyone else has as wonderful a new year as I did!  



  1. Gorgeous, just gorgeous Debbie :) Amazing job!

    1. Thank you Halo! It's coming along. All the cribs are up and the boxes and totes of dolls and all of their clothes are moved in but not unpacked :)