Monday, January 25, 2016

Laurie Duncan does it again!

Laurie Duncan of Fancy Pants and Flounces has worked with me for most of my reborning years. 

I love being able to send her a message with an idea I have (usually very general and vague such as a theme or a color/style) and let her run with it.

For this micro-preemie silicone doll, I said that I needed a hooded bath set in a duck theme.

Here is what she came up with!

Precious ducky wash cloth:

Hooded towel:
(I told her it was best to use cotton because terry type fabric would be too fuzzy for a silicone doll)

And a little diaper!

This baby is Melissa McCrory's "Punkie" full body sculpt.
I would like to root hair on him before I offer him for sale but some have expressed love over his baldness.  Oh to decide!  

Here are a few more pictures...

I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY once again with Laurie's work!

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