Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Portland Show baby preview

These are the babies I am preparing for the Portland, Oregon doll show on September 5th.

Most are a work in progress.
I had taken the silicones to Denver but the matting powder I had used doesn't seem to be holding up so I am currently waiting for a new shipment to re-matte these two:

 a cloth body silicone with a belly plate by Toby Morgan (Crystal kit).  Eco 30 platinum silicone.
He is bald.  I didn't have time to root him before Denver and I don't have time to root him now.  I have another one that I want to get rooted more than him.  He's pretty cute bald and I had given him some textured hair strokes around his face and forehead which look really nice.
He is newborn size at 19 inches with bent legs.

a lower full torso, anatomically correct silicone girl, "Opal" by Sherry Bowden.
Eco 30 platinum silicone.
She has a new custom dress set on the way.
She is a micro-preemie measuring 13 inches.

This is Summer's Snow.  
She is a full body mini silicone by Melissa McCrory.  
Melissa never named this sculpt.
She is a full 9 1/2 inches long.
Platinum silicone in the older, rigid form.  
She IS rigid but sculpted in such a darling post making her desirable.  
The only change to her will be a tutu that I am going to make  :)
I am just waiting for the pink tule to arrive.  

These are the only two vinyls I have had time to prepare.
Both are works in progress and both painted exclusively with the Baby FX paints and mediums.

Denver (Rose) by Marita Winters.
This is the baby I painted in my class in Denver as I taught my students.  
I just teach best when I am doing what they are doing.  
This baby was painted using my new Baby FX Class Baby Color Guide.
I have added painted hair and will add lashes, sealer and some special effects.

And last but certainly not least, Ethnic Andi!
Oh I have waited so very long to paint this kit!!
I am DELIGHTED that I waited long enough for the Baby FX paints to be created becasuse 
I LOVE how they handle and how they look!
This is Andi by Linda Murray of the Cradle Kits, a very old, and quite possibly one of their first Cradle Kits??  
THIS is the one that MUST have rooted hair...lots of it~dark and wavy!

I hope to see some of you in Portland!

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