Monday, August 10, 2015

I'll get back to work...someday!

I started a new AA or Biracial baby last Sunday and Monday then I took the rest of the week off!
I am using Baby FX paints on this baby and am LOVING it!

I am itching to get back to work and thought it would be today but my husband just informed me that he has the day off!  I'll try to get in a little work, at least get my granddaughter, whom I picked up last Tuesday, started on the little doll she will be making for her new step-sister who is 4.  
I am going to love this project!  Awwwwww!

Our family and some friends competed in a 205 mile running relay race over this past weekend.  
As a 6 man (and woman) team!  CRAZY!

But they completed the race, in time and accomplished their goals.

My grandgirl and I were a mobile aid station for them so we were very, very busy with very, very little sleep!

With tons of prep work, evening gatherings with the team and massive clean up work!

See what I mean...

Car prep...

Truck prep....

Then car and prep clean up...


 Then car and truck clean up...

And after two evening meals at my house, tons of food prep, flying in to make more food and coffee and flying out again (with only a few hours of sleep in between my kitchen was


Everything was dusty!

But, I've got that all back together again.

And the rock stars that ran this relay?
They are still standing...or at least leaning!  LOL

They are all recovering from the pain.  
What a great group of people!

I think I'll go for a walk now.

Have a good day!

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