Monday, August 24, 2015

Granddaughter's 3rd reborn baby

My 12 year old grandgirl, Jena has just completed her 3rd reborn baby.

She thought it would be fun to make a micro-preemie baby for her newly acquired 4 year old step-sister.

We selected an 11 inch Berenguer LaBaby baby doll and she used the Baby FX paints.

I just gave her the color guide that I made from the class that I did and let her go!

She had a difficult time working with the tiny parts of the small doll so she was hesitant to put a lot of color on her.  She fell in love with the little doll and was honored to present her to her sister.
I was not there for the presentation so I do not have pictures  :( 

This baby originally comes with a sew on cloth body.  For all of the 10 years that I have been reborning, I have devised a way to remove the cloth body and attach the limbs to a new body with zip ties.  Jena and I filmed that process and I will make a tutorial video as soon as I have time. 

Here are the results of her little baby that she lovingly named Mia.

We have ordered a custom little outfit in pink as our new girl loves pink.  It has not arrived but I'll send it forward when it is finished.

And this is my darling new little "bonus" grandgirl that joined our family in April.
Her name is Namine, pronounced Nah-mi-nay. 

She is a WONDERFUL addition to our worlds and we love her!

The next time I see her, I will do a full photo shoot of her.  

I have delivered Jena back home and am back in the studio doing the final preparations for the Portland doll show.  

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