Monday, August 3, 2015

Pictures from the Make the Switch class/Baby FX

This class was so much fun and the ladies absolutely LOVED the Baby FX air dry paints!

We began the class on Monday night with a nostril opening and kit washing party. 
I should have taken pictures of us all in the hotel bathroom washing our kits in the 4 sinks that were there.  It was pretty comical!  But, I didn't.  

I DO have a few pictures of us opening nostrils:

Stephanie doing her best to grab the vinyl flaps...or boogers as I call them!

Denise is doing the final polishing on her nostrils.

The class offically began on Tuesday morning where we released the Denver Rose sculpt to the world!
Here in class and on ~eBay~:
Marita Winters got her first real look at my prototype and loved her:

Sarah Mellman's prototype was also in class.
She was so cute too!!!  
And that outfit was just precious.

The two together  :)

Kate Charles' version was in class on Wednesday but things were SO crazy on Wednesday that I didn't get a picture!  

Before class began, we have a full body silicone visitor, Mirelle by Joanna Kazmierczak!

She is an AWESOME baby and I was lucky enough to room with her for all of my stay in Denver as she belonged to one of my best friends who was my room mate  :)

All day Tuesday and Wednesday we worked on our Denver Rose kits.

Tina, Denise, Verla and Stephanie:

Marita, Albie and Kathy:

Lauren Jaimes is there on the end to the left  :)

 All such beautiful spirited ladies!

By the end of Wednesday, each student produced a darling air dry painted Denver Rose!
I LOVE hearing all of the little giddy comments of "oh...he/she is looking SO real", "Weee...this baby is so cute!"  It was really fun!

Every student worked with the Baby FX air dry paints with ease.  I know I had at least one very skeptical Genesis student in the class but...the Baby FX made a believer out of her!

Marita, Lauren and Denise are all polymer clay artists who were using Genesis paints.  Each of them loved the Baby FX and will be switching.  YES!  Baby FX can be used on clay and resin sculpts!

Here are the babies that I was able to get pictures of:

 Verla was SO proud!  
She had been a porcelain artist and just wasn't sure she could paint a vinyl reborn...
She did and did beautifully!

 Ugh, it is so hard to be photographer and teacher!  And I left my good camera at home that would automatically go to macro and forgot to set this one to macro.  
But, you can see color  :)

Marita was talked into selling her Denver Rose boy before he even had gloss, lashes and hair!

Here I am with both of my versions of Denver Rose...the boy that I painted in class on the left and the prototype girl on the right.  I really love this sculpt!

These pictures were taken in the class where the light was not good.
They are work in progress pictures but the only ones I have of these gals and their dolls.
 Geee!  I love this picture of my sweet South African friend, Albie!

And here I am with me and the class, minus Lauren who was taking the picture.
We had SUCH a good time and the ladies have given such positive feedback on the paints and what they learned in the class.

Next year in Denver, I am probably going to teach a Baby FX Ethnic course! 

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