Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This too shall pass....

I was looking for a particular blog post to send to a gal that is working on her second doll.  
I know it had the word "Breathe" in it but I cannot find it at all.  

But through the searching I felt a bit sad as I simply have not had time to "play" (remember "Sharing my Collection Fridays??) and to do teaching video's.  ~sigh~

The move that we made at the end of October has been hard.  Anytime you move and change there are so many tasks to complete, and it seems they are just never done.  

But I do know that it will pass.  It will!

The Dolly House should be finished and all the dolls moved in certainly by I'll say....October.  
We have begun organizing our new garage so that we can move the old garage over.  
I am working on skirting the Dolly House so that I can bring my compost barrel over from the old house (it is huge and where I want to put it will be right in the way of the work I have to do to skirt).  
We have begun the groundwork for building a tack shed over at the horse pasture.  

There are a lot of beguns but one thing that I DID finish is stripping and restaining the front porch, park bench and the mail box post!

I failed to take a picture of the porch and bench before I stripped them but they were looking pretty bad. 
Here they are stripped:

It took me a long while to choose the color for the porch.  I finally settled on Australian Timber Oil in Jarrah Brown:

I really love it!

For the park bench, I selected a lighter color called Shaker Pine.  It was a "normal" stain and worked differently than the Australian Timber Oil.  I prefer working with the Timber Oil but the bench looks nice.  My husband tightened up all of the loose bolts.
We have had this bench for a very long time  :)

New porch!

I was out in the horse pasture resting over Toby's back and gazing at my handiwork when I realized WHY I liked the color of the Timber Oil that I chose....
It is nearly the color of my old geldings hair!  (You can see the mail box post in this picture.)

Cross that project off the list....

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