Monday, June 15, 2015

NEW color guide available in late July!

It has been a long while since I have created a new color guide but with the upcoming class using the Baby FX paints, I was able to create one!

This one will be the class color guide for the newborn skin tone for use on light vinyl.  

It will be released after I return home from the show and recover.  

Yesterday I used the Baby FX capillaries kit for the first time.
I do like the results!  I have to work a bit more on placement but this really adds to the reborn!

In other news, I received the custom apron that I had made for the ROSE show:

Kathie Kern of 
made it. 

The pocket on mine is larger than most because of my long nursery name.
I love this apron and am looking forward to having pockets during the ROSE show without down playing my outfits.  This is made from a mans shirt with a collar!  Nice.

Today I am shutting off the phone so that emails, text messages, messenger messages and Facebook posts do not rob my time.  I really need to focus!
I will answer emails tomorrow morning  :)  


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