Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Baby FX nail bed experiment

For those who have followed my painting methods through the years, you have seen that I like to prep the nail beds of my dolls before I paint.  

In the past, I have used Genesis Glazing Gel to create texture on the nail bed before I painted.  I would of course bake this in before applying air dry paints.

This is the look I acquired using this technique:


I love the texture of the Last Coat product in the Baby FX line so I thought this might replace the Genesis Glazing Gel without the need to bake the kit.  

It looked like it would work but after 3 days of painting, the Last Coat (mixed with just a dab of Slow Dry) began to peel off.  

I was able to remove all of the Last Coat from my nail beds without any damage to the paint around the nail beds.  Then I simply repainted the nails.  

Melissa George tells me that the Last Coat really is designed to go on last, not under any paint.  She recommended mixing the Last Coat with one of the other varnishes, either the Subtle Shine or Final Sealer to apply over the painted nails to gain that same texture.  She assures that used as a final sealer, the Last Coat is extremely durable.  I am excited to try this after my two doll kits are painted.  

The Baby FX line has SO many products to meet every artist's level of experience.
I have more mediums, varnishes and colors on the way and I can't wait to open that box!!
It will be like Christmas!  

I am anxious to try the Inner Glow to bring even more translucency to the "skin" helping my camera to truly photograph the dolls tone.

On the brows and any hair detail, I will try the Magic Flow which adds thickness and texture to the paint.  

Look at all of these wonderful new colors and products in the Baby FX line!
There is even now a Heat Set Replacement kit that contains some of our favorite Heat Set colors!

They can be found in Melissa's store:

As well as here in the United States in Lorraine's store:

There simply isn't anything you can't do with these paints!

Happy Painting!  

(Ps, only FOUR spaces remain for my Make the Switch to Air Dry Paints class)


  1. Melissa ReasonerJune 3, 2015 at 7:19 AM

    I love those nails! So life like. As I am slowly recovering from surgery. I just ordered yesterday a few more things from Melissa George. (And another doll kit...Shhhh) I can not wait until my shoulder is ready to get started.

  2. I wished I could of joined you in class at the rose show but when my daughter and granddaughters found out I was going they wanted to come, sooo I hated giving up the time with them since I don't get to see them often. But I will be stopping by to meet you and all your wonderful babies. I can't wait to go so excieted ( husband not so much thinks I'll break the bank hehe) if your ever coming to Utah to teach let me know I will be front in center. Or I will come to you. And btw the mohair is beautiful lays like a dream so much easier to root, made sure I gave props to you in my listings thank you so much for all you do in the reborn community. Angel (aka Susan when I'm in trouble ;))