Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Getting there!

Turning off my phone yesterday helped SO much...mostly with my level of stress!

I think I will be turning off the chimes most days as the stress was just putting me asunder.

I won't be ignoring people, I will just have more specified times to handle what they need without a notification chime coming in every few minutes and making me think that I must stop now and handle it.  

With the stress gone yesterday, I was able to get the artwork fully done on one show baby.  His body arrived yesterday afternoon and I may have time to assemble him today!

I will be able to finish rooting a micro-preemie silicone head today and quite possibly finish her artwork too!

I have washed some lovely alpaca hair for the next sweet thing to go into the rooting station.  

After that one is rooted, it leaves 2 other heads to root and I just am not sure I can get to the largest one.  I am pretty certain that I cannot so that one may have to go bald with the option of rooted hair.  

The Class Color Guide is written, edited and ready for printing!
I have been organizing supplies as they come in/are purchased.  
I am going to have to start packing them soon as they are taking a large part of my space in the studio. 

Door prizes are being assembled and some arrived in the mail from a student who could not attend after all.  :(  
Oh, her gifts are precious and so thoughtful! 
A wonderful gift came for me as well!  
Thank you Melissa R!  
Hugs and love to you....you will be missed!

There are just NINE days left to sign up for the class

My thanks go out to Melissa George who has created wonderul promo items to promote this class and for promotion on her own pages and on Baby FX dealer pages.
You are the best Melissa!  

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