Sunday, January 11, 2015

What is happening in 2015??

I know, it's the 11th already but...

Welcome to 2015!
 The last month has been a blur with time off for the holidays and then even more family visits but I'm ready to get going again~back to work!

What will 2015 look like?

Well, the biggest thing on the agenda is the 2015 Rose International Doll Show in Denver Colorado!

 JULY 14-18

Don't forget, I'm teaching the "Make the Switch" air dry paint class there!

I have had a couple of people already sign up and I can't wait to spend this time in Denver with eager students!

There are still spots available, and you can use this LINK to sign up. 

The ROSE INTERNATIONAL DOLL SHOW is filled with so many activities, be sure to check it all out!  The theme for the show is Christmas in July~how fun!

I will attend the Portland, OR Crossroads Doll and Teddy Bear show again over Labor Day weekend but I think just these two shows are all that I will get to this year.

I plan on having completed silicone dolls available at the shows.

As far as my business goes, I don't have any real "goals" except to continue to offer the finest silicone and reborn dolls.  I will be focusing greatly on silicone dolls, both cloth body and full body.

The dolly house will be delivered this week so that too will consume all of my off time hours as we finish the inside and then decorate it and set up the babies in their new home. 

I am looking forward to a GREAT year!


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