Thursday, January 29, 2015

Think ahead Thursday...The Dainty Loft

Today we are to share a work from an artist who YOU aspire to work with/for in the future.

This one is hard as there are several so it's hard to pick just one. I might have to repeat this fun "game" for a few weeks!

For today, I would have to say that I would love to spend a few days...or a week! sitting next to ~Kristie Sohn-Carwithen of the Dainty Loft~
  as we chat and paint silicone dolls! 
To make it better, I would paint a doll for her and she would paint one for me! What dream that would be!!

Kristie and I have chatted often over the last few years and have met in person~enjoying a long, leisurely chat over coffee one day in North Carolina. 

Her work is STUNNING and she most recently did the prototype for silicone Angel by Bonnie Sieben who brought in a final price of over $11,000!  

~HERE~ is her eBay acution

And this dream is highly possible....
I have a passport, Kristie travels to the US often just a state away from me and we BOTH desire to do this.

What holds us up for now is her very active family of 4 strapping young men who need her more than I do.  We have lots of time left...
This can happen!  


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