Saturday, January 3, 2015

I AM working...sort of!

I do not recommend moving, having a dolly house built and tossing in three holidays all at the same time!  

However did I survive all that?

Mostly by taking lots of time off from "work".

But I have been working some this week...a little anyway.

Husband is on furlough so I did up a little mohair and got the two silicones ready for the next painting steps.

I took pictures of custom Leigh, now named Lyon.  

Husband is out of town picking up his parents to bring then home for a week (yep, more time off!)
so yesterday I finished the paint on Lyon (these pictures show him before I finished the paint) and I'll be matting him this morning before my family returns.  

I think he is so very, very sweet!

I haven't taken pictures of full body silicone "Hannah" yet but as of about an hour ago, her paint is complete too.  I hope to get her matted today as well.  

When I can really focus on my business, I'll fill you in on what's happening in 2015.


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