Monday, January 12, 2015

Reposting Air Dry Paints facts and tips

Since I posted the link for my July "Make the Switch to Air Dry Paints" class yesterday, I have received a lot of questions and apprehensions regarding air dry paints.

Rather than re-typing the information all over again, I am going to repost my original 

blog post from 2012 and add that this applies to ANY of the ACRYLIC AIR DRY PAINTS made for VINYL DOLLS that I use today.

Those brands are:

LDC by Doll Dreams (who no longer carries them but they can be found at 

Art and Magic Water-borne Air Dry Paints found at 

Special Care Nursery Air Dry Paints found at 

and soon I will be also using Melissa George's Baby FX Air Dry Paints found at 

Please, please, please trust me that acrylic air dry paints that are made for vinyl dolls 
(I do not trust acrylic paints off of the shelves at the craft/hobby store!), when applied mixed with medium and allowed to cure are steadfast and durable.  I've been using them since 2008 and will continue to use them far into the future.

I sell dolls all over the world and take great pride in my work.  

I would not help or promote these paints if I did not trust them.  :)


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