Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fraudulant seller~Alissa Joy Tackett

I've been watching this seller for a while now but have not really had time to post the stories and the links.

Currently, the link above does not have a lot of information on it as Alissa has removed the content..  

But...the pictures on her site are not her own, nor were they her own on her eBay listings and other various places that she "sold" from.

The seller bought vinyl sculpts and made her own "molds" from those sculpts to produce "silicone" dolls.  

She has crawled into the background right now and is working under new names/ID's and I've not yet run across her yet but I am sure that I and other people will soon see her pop up.

This is a page that she has with "Kickstarter" to fund her projects:

This auction was purchased by an unsuspecting buyer:

And this is what the buyer received as recorded on video:
The buyer was sure this is not the doll she purchased in this tiny box:

That doll looks just like some of the samples she put on her eBay auctions after she began getting requests from other artists to remove their pictures.  (I was one of those artists who's photo was being used.)

This buyer purchased a full body silicone for her daughter for Christmas.  Here is here story of what she received:

01/09/2015 2:16pm
I was also scammed by Allissa-Joy Tackitt and Bee-joyful.com. All my daughter wanted for Christmas was a full silicone baby. I'm a single mother of 4 and went well beyond my means to order one for her. What arrived in the mail the night before Christmas Eve was nothing less than the most horrible baby doll I've ever seen! The head was falling off and the limbs weren't far behind, the only part painted was the head and the paint appeared to be melting off and sliding off the back of the head, there were no girl parts or rooted hair that I paid extra for, and the mold was terrible with bubbles and club hands and feet! Paying over $600, I also expected the baby to arrive dressed in a box with nice presentation, not bent in half naked and wrapped in brown paper! I was in absolute tears since there was no time to savage my daughter's Christmas. Upon sending pictures to Ms. Tackitt's assistant, she immediately apologized and said they would send an immediate refund once the baby was returned. I mailed the baby back the day after Christmas. Ms. Tackitt's assistance said she received the baby but couldn't refund me through PayPal so she sent a cashiers check that would arrive on Friday. Come Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday no check. When I inquired they assured me it had been sent and was probably just delayed. Once Allissa was back from vacation she also emailed me to ask if I'd received the check. The very next day she emails me her "form letter" saying all sales are final and that they're no longer associated with PayPal. Of course I get no correspondence back now. All I can assume is that I've been scammed in the worst way! No money, no baby, one very upset little girl and one really angry momma!!! I'm not sure how to proceed but I will figure out how to inform others so she'll be out of business!

I am truly saddened by all of this.  
I wish I had more time to spend to tell more but I simply do not.

In short, please, please, PLEASE...as I have stated in the past:

Know and investigate your sellers!!!  
If the price is "cheap" and "too good to be true"...it probably is.

High quality platinum silicone is NOT cheap.  In no way shape or form.  The molding process is not cheap and is very time consuming.  Sculpting takes time...a lot of time and artists need paid for their sculpts.
Reborn artists who bring the silicone to life spend many, many, MANY hours doing just that.

Silicone dolls are not cheap.  They just aren't.

Be safe out there!!!!


  1. Her name is Monique Alissa Joy Tackitt.
    Her phone number is (510) 915-7885 and (510) 788-0499. Someone needs to put a stop to her.

  2. (510) 451-4973 Do a google search it also lists her address