Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Matte Sealer test

I decided to try a little experiment with the Plaid Folk Art Outdoor Matte Sealer.

Some have said that they like to just brush it on and allow it to dry.

I prefer to pounce it on and pounce it until it is just dry.

Plus, I decided to try adding a second layer as I noticed the instructions on the bottle state to use 2 coats.

Here is what I found.

I coated these two dolls once to start:
(click on the picture to see full size)

The doll on the left was pounced on while the doll on the right was brushed on and allowed to dry.

Here are the limbs of both dolls.

Two things that I noticed are that the brushed on coating is still sheeny and I also found some areas where the matte had pooled.  Where it pooled it was white and pasty. I was able to scrape it out of the creases where it pooled with a wet wooden pick and a lot of work.

I pounced the second layer onto both dolls which took away the sheen on the brushed on layer.

I do not have side by side pictures of both as I guess I got anxious to get the smaller doll on the left done and sent to his new mommy but here are individual pictures of both dolls.

From now on, I will be doing two coats of the outdoor sealer or any matte product that I use and I will be pouncing both layers on and pouncing until just dry.  :) 

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