Monday, August 18, 2014

Baby Daisies by Jenalyne~my granddaughter :)

What a fun time my granddaughter and I had in the nursery over the last week!
I took a few pictures of the progress of her baby and she took one of me with my blank baby before we begun.  After that, we forgot to take pictures of my baby.  But, you'll see her soon enough  :)

Jenalyne selected the Tristan sculpt by Jessica Schenk for her doll.
Here he is blank before we began:
I selected a "Sweet Embrace" Berenguer doll that I already had stripped and prepped for my doll:
Then the work began:

 End of day 1:
 She's doing a fine job.  We used Special Care Nursery Thick Medium to create textured eye brows and used Special Care Nursery paints to paint our dolls.

Such a fun and silly young lady!
But right before that funny shot, I got this one...AWE!!!
She was already kissing him at the end of day 1.

I didn't take as many pictures on day 2 and 3 of painting but here is what I have:
First blush:

Jenalyne rooted her first reborn doll so this time I decided to teach her to paint hair.  
We had SO many things on our "want to do list" this week that painted hair was a good option to help save time.

Oh my goodness.  She despised it!  LOL
Remember my post "A letter to Newbies"?  It applied to Jenalyne as I was working with her and after she began to melt-down, I sent her out of the nursery to cry, stomp, scream and gain her composure...basically to "breathe". 
When she returned, she was prepared to tackle the task at hand.  And she did a nice job!
(Those of you who have taken a live class from me know that only in emergencies do I place hand and brush to your reborn doll, I do not do the artwork for you, I allow you to make mistakes and learn through the challenges as it makes you a better artist.  The same holds true for my young students as well.) 

Finally, her sweet little man, Augustus, was painted:

For fun, I put her Tristan head next to the one that I painted at Sauder Village.
I like both versions!

I did help her matte her doll as I like to work side-by-side of my students showing the technique on my own doll then allowing them to do it on theirs.  I was not yet ready to matte my own doll, and matting can be tricky so I matted her head while she watched, then we each matted the limbs.  
It took us days to get the gloss perfect in the eyes but we just kept checking it and adding gloss as needed.  

She weighted the limbs of her Tristan while I weighted the limbs from the Tristan I painted the week before.  She has a unique way in adding glass beads!  LOL

Finally, her baby boy was ready for assembly.
She was so excited she could hardly stand it!

Putting the limbs on:

Filling the torso:

Adjusting the tightness of the head:

The final clip:
And her baby is born!
I don't have to say anything about this next picture...

The photo shoot:

We sure did have a busy week!
This is only a portion of what we did.
Played at the park with Aunt Jill and baby Jack,
floated the river through town,
went to a demolition derby~yehaw!!
had Jack over night (he's my 10 month old grandson),
she tried to eat a huge giant pizza by herself one night at our local pizza place 
(it's her own personal pizza challenge that she's now attempted twice:
She at all but 3 pieces of that giant thing!

We worked in the yard pulling about 85 pounds of weeds,
we harvested in the garden and made rhubarb crunch and rhubarb syrup for sparkling juice,
we went to our friends ranch where she rode a 2 yr old filly:
 we took some dolls to our horse pasture and wrote two stories (to be released over the next two Friday's),
we rode our horses two days in a row...or at least she did.  I was without a bridle for my horse on one of the it ended up at our house I don't know but that was okay, she had a good time and I did other chores that are never done when one has horses.
Riding 32 year old Toby:
 Riding 6 yr old Ruger:
She went to the park again with Aunt Jill, Uncle Zach and cousin Jack while I enjoyed a lunch date with my husband,
we took her to kereoke on night at the Veterans Club (I know...I'm going to burn for that one!  She had a great time though!)
and in between all of that, there was a couple of trips to the stores, laundry, cooking, dishes etc, etc, etc.

I am currently in a hotel with her in Grangeville, Idaho where my mother lives.  We have visited my mother and I'll be returning her home today then traveling the 4 more hours back to my home this afternoon...after a trip to Costco of course!

So, I appologize for being behind...but I'll catch up!

Next up in the nursery:
I'll be finishing both Tristan (who is sold) and Sweet Embrace (not yet named but headed for the Portland show in 2 weeks) and I have a brand new prototype to start by Kellie Beckett.  


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  1. That Grandbaby of yours has got some skill! She did an excellent job painting her baby.
    I enjoy seeing your posts. I've learned a lot. Thank you!