Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just sharing a little business secret, why so angry??

  • The other day, I was browsing through Etsy and found another seller using prototype pictures to gain custom orders.  

    As usual, I started out by sending a simple question asking if they had pictures of their own work.

    After I received a reply I then shared a business secret with the seller.  She became so defensive.   Why can't we all just work together and work with integrity???

    Here is the conversation that ensued:

    Hello Ami,
    Do you have any pictures of your work from past custom orders or other dolls you have made?
  • Hi,
    The Leah doll I have listed on my store is a custom I did. You can see 5 photos on that listing. Here are a few more.
  • Oh, that doll was not there when I looked this morning. There was another doll with the prototype pictures listed. I don't recall who it was though.

    Your work is nice. Will you start using pictures of your own work in the future? May I share a little business secret with you? Prototype pictures really are not to be used to gain custom orders. They are to be used for doll dealers to sell kits. It can be very misleading to customers. Your dolls are cute. I think you are at a place in your art where your own pictures will sell your dolls for you :)

    Best of luck!
  • That doll was absolutely there, this morning. I don't know what point you're trying to make but that doll was listed more than a week ago.

    Here's a "business secret" for you: Mind your own.

    Do NOT message me again or I will report you for harassment.
  • I suppose I could have seen it wrong. I was looking at a lot of listings on eBay and Etsy this morning, but I was pretty sure there were three listings with prototype pictures used.

    I AM glad to see a listing using your own pictures. That will fare you well in the doll world. :)

    Why are you so upset? I was just sharing some secrets of the trade with you since you are new within the last year.

    You can report me if you like but I am pretty sure that Etsy will not find that I am harassing you. We work in the same business and communicating about that business is not harassment. I was simply trying to help you make it in the field.

    I am only a buyer on Etsy. I do not sell on Etsy.

    Take care.

    I am just so frustrated with the way people are using other artists pictures to gain custom orders.  It is simply wrong.    

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  1. She probably wouldn't have gotten so defensive if she didn't have such a guilty conscience. You handled that well.