Wednesday, August 20, 2014

eBay sellers listing different locations? Are they Magic Beans Nursery???

Several weeks ago a kind follower contacted me and shared that she felt, due to what she had seen on Etsy by following two sellers there and what she was seeing on eBay, that this seller could possibly be Magic Beans Reborn Babies on eBay.

Remember Magic Beans Nursery was using pictures that were not her own to gain custom orders and Etsy finally shut her down.  

Well, I've been watching the two sellers that my follower shared with me and both of the sellers have auctions with either several locations or they have changed locations when they relisted the doll.

One seller has changed the ID since I began watching them.  

I am going to post a lot of links here.

One of the first ones I came across:

Same seller, different location.  She told me that she HAD been on vacation in Alabama.
I'm sorry, I simply do not buy that.

The seller wmdagumwj came on board in ~March of 2014~, at about the same time that Magic Beans Nursery got shut down on Etsy.  

This seller is also in Anniston, Alabama.  The ID name WAS
SouthernStyleStudio but changed to

coincidentally the ID name of that seller changed the same day wmdagumwj replied to my post here on the blog adding the ID name wmdagumwj to my blog post regarding Magic Beans Nursery.

Craftprincess keeps relisting dolls that were "sold" and is also



Interesting enough, craftprincess listed this doll as

The relisted the same SOLD doll as

Now, here is where it gets really good and how I can tie all of these sellers together and link them with Magic Beans Reborn Babies.

Because I had been communicating with "Anna" from Magic Beans Reborn Babies on Etsy, even though she is no longer permitted to sell on Etsy, I was still able to access her profile page.

On that profile page, you can see a picture of reborn baby "Joseph" as listed in the first link I have added to this page under the seller ID wmdagumwj:

And interesting enough, when the link comes up, it shows "SouthernEnvyDesigns" in the address bar.  

I could not find anything like that on Etsy but it is a similar name to the first ID for craftprincess on eBay, SouthernStyleStudio.

And while I'm at posting links of shady sellers, let's add this one

I do not know yet if these are all related but just because this new reborner is using all prototype pictures to gain custom orders,  and they are in also in a random place in Alabama,  and the descriptions are similar to the other two sellers (especially when Anna was on Etsy), I am going to  take a wild stab that they indeed are. 

One thing I will say about the two eBay IDs mentioned here, they are using their own pictures.

My blog follower who shared with me said that she was watching the two sellers on Etsy, Magic Beans and another one she did not give me the name for and the pictures used were identical across the two sellers.  

The eBay seller wmdagumwj currently does not have any items listed.

with locations in Dearborn Heights, Michigan and Oxford, Alabama.

I would love to hear your comments regarding these sellers.



  1. Please see my comments on the facebook post about this...
    This is all the same lady
    Sources tell me , as well as personal dealings with her, that her name is Joy (won't list last name here) and other aliases: Shawna, Shawn, Anna, Grace, with a "friend" named Heather

    1. I saw your comments on FB, thank you for that!!!
      Interesting, the name Anna. Just as I thought.
      What a shame.

  2. So this means that Bette Lambert IS either this Anna person from Magic Beans Nursery or they work together?
    Bette's name has come up in FB again and the previous posts about her are not there. I believe she threatened the person who posted them to remove them. Would love to see this lady be brought down and shut down. 6 months to get a custom order form her and the buyers have to pay in full? In one post on your blog Bette states that she is from Michigan and has lived there her whole life, yet on her website, she says she is a native of Alabama.

    1. Okay, y'all. This is getting ridiculous. As I have stated on numerous occasions, I am not Anna. I do not know Anna. I am not now, nor have I ever been connected with Magic Beans Nursery, or any other nursery. You are incorrect to say that I am the one who posted the Anonymous postings about living in Michigan. It was not me. I have never been to Michigan, let alone lived there, and I cannot imagine why, out of all the lovely places there are in this country, it would ever occur to me to choose Michigan as an alternate place of residence. Ladies, I am a Southern girl. I was born in Alabama, lived in South Carolina until I was 3 years old, then lived in Alabama until about 18 years ago when my husband and I moved to Tennessee. I moved back to Alabama a few years ago and have been here ever since. When I travel, it ain't up north. I do not like cold weather and I am fond of the southern drawl so I prefer to stay below the Mason-Dixon.

      I am aware of the FB post and I did not threaten the person who posted them. I am currently in the process of settling an issue with her and while we don't see eye to eye on our transaction, I certainly did not threaten her.

      It is best to get your facts straight before you post them. I do not require payment to be made 6 months in advance, but I do require payment in full before the item ships. You obviously know nothing about how my business operates but I will be happy to enlighten you on the payment issue. I offer several payment options, one of which is payment in full. I discourage this, but it is up to the buyer to make that decision. My preference is that they simply put down a deposit to hold their place in line. When it is time for me to begin production on their doll they can pay the balance then. I do offer a layaway plan for those who wish to make payments all along and not have to make a large lump sum payment. They can also pay half down and half when the doll is ready to ship. Most of my customers are happy with this. In the particular case you are referring, the buyer did not consult me before she paid so that was her choice, not mine. When I noticed that she lived just a few miles from me I asked her if she would like to pick up the dolls instead of having them shipped. She did, so I refunded her the shipping charges that she had already paid.

      It is posted in many places on my store that I have a large amount of orders to fill and it will take approximately 6 months to receive custom orders. I encourage buyers to ask questions before making their purchase. I also suggest that if they are uncomfortable with any part of doing business with my shop that they find another artist. If they cannot wait the amount of time that it takes to get a doll from my shop, I am always happy to refer them to another artist. You can find all of this in my Shop Announcement as well as on every listing. I cannot be more clear about policies than what is posted there.

      If you have issues with the way I do business or if you have questions I would very much appreciate it if you would ask me directly instead of assuming the worst and spreading rumor as if it were truth.

  3. I am uncertain if she IS Anna or works with her.
    Oh yes, she threatened anyone who commented on that post and I too have received my threat of lawyers etc.
    Do you see me shaking? It is always the scamming person who tosses out these threats, trying to control others. I won't be removing any of my posts or comments.
    As clear as you can see, even where she actually lives does not measure up.

    1. Debbie, I thought this had been put to bed, but apparently it has not. I am not Anna, I don't know Anna and I don't work with Anna. I am the sole owner of and only artist at Heartstrings Nursery. I have never worked for any other nursery or been part of any reborn team. I know a few other reborn artists in the Birmingham area but have never worked with them as a reborn artist. Yes I did threaten to bring suit against you for posting untrue things about me and about my shop. It was not intended to make you shake, but it was intended to urge you to stop the posts. I did indeed contact some of the people involved in the posts to notify them that legal action was pending and asking them to please not make any more untrue posts about me or my business lest they be named in the suit as well. Some of them contacted me back, a couple apologized, and some were pretty snarky. Contacting them, however, was a courtesy, not a threat. When I noticed that the negative posts had stopped I saw no reason to pursue legal action, although my attorney was prepared to do so. Frankly, Debbie, I do not care what you post about me or anyone else as long as it is the truth. What was being said was not the truth.

      I am curious to know what is it about where I live that does not "measure up". I do not mind people knowing where I live as it is on my website and on my business cards, but please be accurate when you share it. It is not in Michigan. Heartstrings Nursery is located at 4256 Pebble Garden Way, Birmingham, AL, 35235. I am there most of the time reborning babies.

      Apparently y'all have concocted this theory that I use multiple addresses to sell on Ebay and scam people. For your information, I have sold exactly 2 dolls on Ebay, both of which were sold back in 2013 to happy customers, one of whom has subsequently bought 2 more custom babies from me through my website. I am a regular shopper on Ebay with 100% positive feedback but I prefer not to sell on there. I sell on my website and my Etsy store only.

      I had hoped that I would never have to contact you again, but since it appears to be the same old same old, I am asking you once again to please make sure that anything you post about me or my shop is the truth.

  4. I understand your payment policy Bette. I have a very similar one and I know that people do get very impatient while waiting on dolls, which is one of the reasons why I do not do custom orders anymore. I do not know what the line of communication was between you and the buyer. Evidently she wasn't clear on things. Too many orders can drag an artist down, that is for sure.
    As far as tying you into Magic Beans, this post was not even about you. Interesting you showed up here.
    I don't know where the person who commented made the connection, but I found it interesting.
    And I said I am uncertain. Just like I am uncertain if the sky is blue today or if it's really grey. Nothing wrong with uncertainty.
    All of the other sellers listed in this post are all shut down. You are still doing business so you are not ruined. Good for you~I want you to excel.
    I am glad to see that you are still using your own pictures on Etsy. That is GREAT!