Monday, August 11, 2014

Back up and running!

I have cleaned up my computer enough for my programs to work~yeah!  

And I was ready to put up a post with pictures about my class at Sauder Village, but my granddaughter is up now and ready to roar! 

She and I are creating babies together this week  :)

So, since I have less pictures of the show, I'll do that now and post the class pictures, the ladies and their babies when I can.

My show table:
 I shipped one box with the Moses basket and some class supplies, the rest went in my luggage. 

 LyLy Rose, adopted
Elijah, adopted:

Kimmy, available:
 Sebastian, available:

 Jaylen, available:
Everyone loved him...the sweetest elderly couple came by and were totally smitten by him.  Gosh, I loved watching them tenderly hold, cuddle and kiss him!
 Prescilla, available:

Petunia, available:

Tristin, my class baby. 
He is not quite done yet but has been adopted  :)

 I love purple in my display!


My funny friend, JaNan!
 My dear friend, Laura Tuzio Ross was at this show.  Her table was FLOODED with people! 
 This lovely lady, Patricia, LOVED Elijah and kept coming back to see him.  
Awe, I was so sad that she was unable to adopt him.
 Julie Malloy and one of her darling full body silicones.
 This happy lady, Phyllis, IS the one who adopted Elijah:
He reminded her of her foster son whom she received at birth and had for 3 years.
This sweet and beautiful gal drove all the way just to see Elijah.  Phyllis had already adopted him but since she was a vendor, I knew that he was still on the show floor.  We tracked her down and she was kind enough to let Ashley hold him.

The show was fun!
I adopted out 3 babies and sold a lot of mohair  :)

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