Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Oh that sweet little Berenguer face!

The "Snookie" Berenguer face is a timeless classic.  

I never tire of it.

This is the little one I am making for our local 


They will use this doll to demonstrate how a baby should sleep in his/her crib.  

I am honored  :)

Here he/she is as a work in progress from my Simple Treasures line:

Baby will have painted hair and rooted lashes when finished.



  1. Aww so cute! May I ask, where did you get the original baby doll?

    1. They are VERY hard to find Halo! A new reborning friend of mine bought out a fellow reborner's stock and this doll was in it. She offered it to me (I didn't even know she had it!!) and I jumped on the offer. I am sure there are still reborners out there that have them stashed away. I hope I find more in the future.