Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Every year my husband is required to take 2 weeks off from his job.  
This is not his vacation time so we focus on getting projects done.  

I don't take the whole two weeks off with him but I do take extra days off.
Could I use 2 weeks off??? YES!  LOL  I bought paint samples for the major part of the interior of my home and have slathered them on the walls.  I am committed now!  But...only in my spare time.  
It will be slow progression but will be well worth it!

So, I am back in the studio for the next three days and I'll continue...hopefully finish paint on the three I am working on.  

Angelica/Rebekkah is my personal project girl.  

Her eyes arrived the other day so I simply HAD to try them on along with her beautiful wig.
She doesn't have much tone yet but look at those glorious lips!

This next little sweetie is Till by Linde Scherer.
I agreed to do this baby as a custom order way back in 2013 for one of my best customers.  
I thought I should probably get her on the table someday soon! 

Her eyes arrived the other day as well so I have to snap a shot.  
She is going to be SO cute!  

I didn't get a picture of the Berenguer 1/4 limb baby that I'm making for our local Cribs for Kids program but he is looking very real!  

All in a days work!



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    1. You should see them now Melissa! All blushed and ready for undertones, veins and final details.
      But, my husband just went away so this girl is going to paint...OUR LIVING ROOM and I hope the dining room and hallway but it's a huge project so if I can get the ceilings, trims, baseboards of all and the living room painted by time he gets back, I will be happy. Wish me luck!