Thursday, February 18, 2016

A few moments of play

Play time is rare these days but I received a sweet little "pea" hat in the mail so I just had to unpack 
my personal doll Joylynne and try it on her.

The outfit was sent to me in October from my friend Sharon, and I asked my other friend, Sally, to design and knit a hat to go with it.

Sally didn't tell me anything about the hat so it was a complete surprise when it arrived~I LOVE it!  
Hahahaha, much more than Joylynne likes her peas!  

And while I was in the box that Joylynne was in, I unpacked Sweet Pickles as well.
Oh how I missed this face!
Welcome home Joylynne and Sweet Pickles!

I simply cannot wait until the Dolly House is completely unpacked, organized and decorated! 


  1. Eager for pictures of the completed dolly house! I am very new to your blog but I love what I've seen so far!

    1. Did I never post them??? Oh my...this year has been such a hum-dinger!
      I'll see what I can do about that. Thanks for joining my blog!