Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Baby FX paint even works on.....


Well,  plastic ones anyway!

My husband tries to find plastic horses that resemble our real horses to display in our home.  

For Christmas of 2014, one of our family members gave him this horse.  They thought it resembled our newest horse, Norm, a wild mustang.

 Well, it SORTOF is the real Norm:

I've had the plastic horse in my studio since the spring of 2015 and yesterday, I finally decided to make some changes to it.
I sprayed the horse a mixture of Baby FX Sure Bond and water, then used the Baby FX paints at almost full strength, just thinned slightly with a teeny bit of water.

Here are my results:

Looking back, I should have just darkened his face rather than lightened the muzzle.
Maybe I will do some more on him  :)

The horse in original form had a lot of brown in his mane and tale:

So I darkened both of those, darkened his eyes and added a touch of "light" to them:

Our real horse Norm has black hooves and fetlocks where the original horse only had the black hooves:

I fixed that too  :)

It was a fun little project  :) 

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