Thursday, September 3, 2015

The babies are ready~See you in Portland!

I did it and I even have today "off" to run around with my husband before I leave tomorrow!

Here they are!
The first two are new babies since the Denver Show.

~SOLD at the show~
Spanish meaning "Loved".
Oh I do love this vinyl reborn!
She is 20 inches long.
I fully intended HER to be a HIM but she told me otherwise.

~SOLD at the show~
Darling vinyl reborn.
The second "Denver Rose" kit I have made.  
This one was painted in my class in Denver.  
I painted his hair and finished his details when I returned home.

The next three are silicones that were made for the Denver show but had not found their homes yet:

Summer's Snow
She is just a wee little thing at 9 1/2 inches long.
I made the tutu, the sandals and the headband!
I've never made a tutu and sandals before  :)

This little one is 13 inches long with flaming red hair!
She dons a new dress set custom made by Laurie Duncan of Fancy Pants and Flounces.

And last but not least,
~SOLD at the show~
 This one received a new custom made body that makes him 18 chubby inches with curled up legs.
He is so nice to snuggle!
I love squishing those chubby cheeks!
From the start of this baby I have intended to root him.  
Collectors at the Denver show loved him bald.  I still intended to root hair but with just a little over 5 weeks between shows, the birth of a new granddaughter, a family relay race, a horse event or two and the summer visit of an older granddaughter, I simply did not have the time.  
If he does not find a home this time, I'll help him grow some hair.
I did change the color of his eye lashes as I felt the darker color was too harsh for him.

See some of you in Portland on Saturday!


  1. Wow they are all so cute!!!!! Amortia looks just like me when I was a baby! I love them all!!!!
    Do you mind if I give you inspiration for a baby?

    1. Thank you and no, not at all. You can send inspiration pictures to :)

  2. Ummmm.... that email doesn't work.

    1. Oh whoops! I had a little type there and didn't check before I posted. I'm sorry about that!

    2. I must need a vacation....that should say "TYPO". Oh brother! LOL

  3. LOL no problem! It happens to EVERYONE once in a while!