Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My customers, my babies and I :)

I can't seem to get caught up with pictures and posts! 
There were so many things that happened in very close proximity for many weeks on end that pictures and topics are just sitting on the back burner.

So, let's have some fun today!

These are pictures taken after adoptions of my babies  :)

From the ROSE show in Denver, Colorado:

Shar with her adoption, Sebastian...and me of course! 

There wasn't anyone around to take a picture of Susan and I together, but here she is with her adoption, Logan James.   She said he looked just like her nephew who's name just happens to be...

This is Bev and Hannah.  
Bev did not adopt Hannah at the ROSE show, but rather adopted her via eBay in February.
Hannah was just lucky enough to travel to ROSE with Bev and I had the pleasure of meeting Bev.

 Candid shot!

Another one of my prior babies visited the ROSE show too...

It really was such a thrill to meet her "mommy" and see her again!  
I failed to get a picture of me with her as I was so excited!

As you can see, both prior adopted babies are so spoiled!
That makes my heart very happy.

In Portland, Oregon, I am always delighted to see double!
These twin sisters have adopted from me before and this time, they adopted two babies, 
Amorita and Denver.

I failed to get a picture of Mordecai and his new "mommy" but since we are all in the Northwest, we will see each other again and will get that picture.  

What a great show season!

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