Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baby FX POWDERS!!!!!

I have NEVER been interested in trying powders on my dolls....

until now....

Melissa George has done it again!

I have read the controversy that has come up over these powders and Sue-ellen Taormina.  
I understand that Sue-ellen is in a fragile state with her heart and I feel for her, but the accusations against Melissa George make no logical sense what-so-ever.
There was NOTHING to steal.  Sue-ellen didn't come up with the methods of using powders on reborn dolls.  That method has been around since before I began reborning...more than 10 years!
The method that Sue-ellen uses and teaches and the Baby FX method are completely different techniques.  Melissa doesn't need to "steal" techniques from anyone.  She is a fabulous, gifted and creative artist all on her own.
Sue-ellen didn't have a "product" for which Melissa stole from.  The powders that Sue-ellen teaches with are these:
Those are standard make-up powders and were not created by Sue-ellen.
If Sue-ellen were going to make her own powders, according to my understanding, Melissa knew nothing about it.    
  We are a consumer driven economy.  We love options in our purchases.  We love different brands.  So if Sue-ellen wants to create her own powders there is certainly room in the industry for her to do so.
We also love to explore and learn.  
I have looked at Sue-ellen's techniques.  I didn't gather anything of use in MY art so I didn't gain anything from her style and I no longer follow.  I believe we all explore on a daily basis to which we create our own methods, styles and techniques.  
Isn't that why YOU are HERE?  


  1. Whether you use Melissa George,Coastal Scents or any other matte powders on the market we are all individuals and have the right to choose.We can learn from each other not denigrate and out one particular person.THATS WAY I'M HERE.

    1. You are absolutely correct Myra! Which is why I explained to my followers that I had heard about the controversy, and where it was coming from, so that they did not just toss out the option of Baby FX Powders. I did my research and found the claims in the controversy to be not valid.

      I'm a little bit unclear if your statement of "denigrate and out one person" is referring to this post clarifying to my blog followers that I had heard or if you are referring to the original outing of Melissa George by Sue-Ellen when Melissa came out with this product?

  2. Replies
    1. Tracy, what are you perplexed about here? As I commented already, this post was to inform my blog followers that I had heard the controversy brought on by Sue-Ellen and the ladies that follow her techniques and assure my blog followers that the claims are not true so that if they tried the Baby FX Powders, they would not be doing anything morally wrong within the doll industry.

  3. I am not a doll painter but it would seem to me that powders might be really really easy compared to wet paints. I HAVE tried paints and I found them to be ... an art unto themselves.

    Isn't it too bad that we women don't support one another? Our road is hard enough to hoe without tearing one another down, seems to me.

    I hope Sue-ellen and Melissa and you, Debbie have continued success with your dolls and techniques. You are each unique and so are your styles. You each have clients who adore your work and continue to buy from each of you. Be happy and ..... be nice.