Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Where did I go?!?! To the DOLLY HOUSE!

I know, it seems like I dropped off the face of the earth but...I didn't.
Nor did I drop off my perch here on these ladders stretched out across from my dolly house loft to a support "beam" (really just a 2x6 board!) to put up a fan support in the dolly house!

The finish work has begun!

And I accomplished my mission!!!

This bracket will give support and stability to the fan that I bought to put here.

THEN...I had to climb back up there to put the wiring through the round box.
It was hard...harder than putting the bracket up because we forgot to punch out the holes on the box before we hung it and it was not as clear as where the holes were so I took the round box off the bracket and had THE hardest time putting it back up! 
The screws were up inside the box and would not start well.  Oh was tough work but I finally got it done!

This is my friend Becky who traveled here from 4 hours away to help me.  
She has been rebuilding an old historic cabin on her property into a big two story house and did all of the wiring for her own house.

 How exciting!  The first outlet box is in!


We  worked from 7 am-5 pm the first day and she could only stay part of the day the second day.  We worked from 8 am-2 pm that day.
We got all of the outlet, switch and light/fan boxes in and all but a teeny bit of wiring done to all of them.

It was a LOT of drilling holes and problem solving.  They don't really build these "sheds" to be wired and finished.  We shall overcome...and have much already.  
It's been wonderful to go beyond the normal of my day-to-day life and thinking and challenge my brain solving these problems.  
I've never done work like this, or seen it done so it's been an awesome adventure and learning experience.  I am proud of us!

After I cleaned the building up of all of the drilling I stepped back and said...
"wow, this looks good!"

After Becky left that day, I had a tiny bit of time before I had to stop working for the day.
I decided to try my hand at hanging insulation.

I got two batts hung by myself!
(and took a "selfie"!)

I did another little improvement to the house...sort of.  
I had some blocks here that were at this house when we bought it, so I built a temporary path to the dolly house.  I have a plan for a better path later but for now, this one was FREE  :)

I so love my dolly house already!

I've been looking at paints and have pretty much selected the colors I will decorate with.  
I am narrowing down on the carpeting and also wainscoting for partway up the walls.

All of the lights and sconces are bought, including the ceiling fan.'s going to be SO lovely!

Now I am back to work rooting baby Hannah until this weekend when hubby and I will do some "reconstruction" of some areas to allow for wiring where we had some problems with the original design. 

More later!  
I hope you are enjoying your week!

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  1. I'm speechless! I can't wait to see what comes next... You inspire me!
    Lisa b