Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to care for Ecoflex 20 silicone~Hannah gets a bath!

It was not long ago that I posted a picture of Hannah in a bath setting.

At that time, I encouraged to NOT give silicone dolls baths on a regular basis.

There are times though that they need them and since Hannah needed a bath before I did her photo shoot, I shot a video of the process.

Here are the important things to remember:

Never put soap directly onto the silicone.
Soaps are release agents for silicone, so only use a mild soap like Johnston's Baby Bath and NEVER Dawn dish soap.   (Dawn is recommended for the silicone before paint is applied to prep it and remove all silicone release agents.  It is too strong to use for bathing a painted doll.)

Put the Baby Bath soap into the water but do not put the doll in the water.  Use a bath helper to hold the doll out of the water and use your hands to apply the water, caressing the silicone with your hands to remove hair and lint.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water from a spray nozzle if possible.  

Pat-dry the doll with clean tissue paper.  I love the Kirkland brand from Costco but it's only available during the holiday season.  

Use a good quality make-up brush that doesn't loose it's bristles to apply pure cornstarch to the doll, avoiding the glossed areas such as lips/mouth, inside of ears, eyes and nails.  

You doll should now be hair and lint resistant for months to come.  

Re-apply cornstarch as needed but only bath the doll a couple of times a year.

Enjoy the video!  

My computer is going on strike.  I thought I had it fixed...it is better but wow...it took me all day to edit and prepare that video yesterday!  I have almost all of the pictures ready for the auction so I'll be working on that today with the goal of having it live tonight.  
Lord willing.  I'll be sweet-talking my computer all day today!  LOL

So send good vibes to the old and over-worked computer today so that we can see Hannah on eBay!

(Please, I won't be selling her off of eBay, I won't be offering a buy-it-now, I won't be doing customs and I won't be doing another Hannah sculpt so if you have fallen in love with her, don't miss her on eBay.  Thank you!!)

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