Sunday, February 22, 2015

Welcoming the name release of "Denver Rose"

Remember my "Making the Switch to Air Dry Paints" class that I am teaching at the ROSE show in Denver in July??

I have been blessed with viewing the first pictures of the DARLING doll kit that Marita Winters is making specifically for this class!

Students are going to LOVE it!
It oozes Marita Winters' style like nobody's business!

Marita and I have named the kit:

We won't be releasing pictures of this kit at all.
Only Marita and I will see him/her.

I will be working on the prototype before the show, have that prototype completely done and in class for students to view and cuddle and then the prototype will go onto Marita's tables at the ROSE show and be available via eBay either during the show or just after.

Marita will have the Denver Rose kits for sale at her table during the show as well as online afterwards.

BUT...NO previews will be available before the official release in my class!  :)  

Oh and PS...Marita will be the honorary student in the Make the Switch class!  

I am SO excited!

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