Sunday, February 1, 2015


It's Super Star Sunday! 
I am to share my most famous work or achievement. 
Wow, this one is hard! It is hard for ME to know exactly what that is! I am going to say it was my reborn Emily Webb with Alex limbs that I entered into the 2009 Tiny Treasures Competition. 

Alix, as I renamed her, won Best Reborn Rooting, Most Realistic Reborn and Most Beautiful Reborn. That reborn baby caught the attention of fabulous sculpting artists like Marita Winters and Natalie Scholl who asked me to reborn their prototypes which started my journey in prototype reborning. 
 To say I am blessed is an understatement!

 Alix was the Ashton Drake "Emily" head and hands and the "Alex" legs.

This baby also set forth my trademark painting style. I wanted to use air dry paints on her but she was the slick Ashton Drake vinyl and I knew the paints would not stick, so I coated her with Genesis Matte Varnish first, baked that then painted her with air dry paints! I LOVED the final look and began painting all of my vinyl dolls that way. 
She was a great baby and launched me in many ways!


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