Monday, April 14, 2014

NEW VIDEO TUTORIAL! Applying Air-Dry Matte products

Yesterday, as I set out to apply a new matte sealer onto my "Gemma" sculpt, I decided to go ahead and break out the video camera and film the process.  

It is asked frequently of me how to apply it so I really hope this helps!

Hmmm....can't seem to just put the video here on the blog today so here is the

Yes, I said "New Matte Sealer"

First, I want to fully clarify that the air dry paints that I use 
(LDC, Art and Magic Water Borne and Special Care Nursery) 
DO NOT need to be sealed!

The product is a sealer but it is used as a matte to remove shine.

Dianna Effner told me about the product.

It is Plaid FolkArt Matte Sealer and it looks and feels very much like the 
FolkArt Glass and Tile Medium.

And they work much the same but I feel that the Matte Sealer does not dry as quickly as you work with it, which is a benefit, and I think it might work a little bit better in the matte department.  

The Matte Sealer instructions state to use it OVER your painted project while the Glass and Tile Medium states that it can be used under and over your paint. 

Always allow your painted doll kit to cure for at least 48 hours before applying any matte products.
If the product is removing the paint, stop and allow the kit to cure longer.  



  1. Thanks for saying is the product is removing the paint to let it cure I think that was what was causing me some issues. I've been using less and less of this, as I am finding that the air dry paints really don't need any sealing. It does work great for shine though. Thanks for all your tips!