Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Etsy seller using others pictures~Magic Beans Nursery UPDATE now on eBay!


A kind follower notified the blog that Magic Beans Nursery is on eBay.
Here is the information that she shared.
Thank you Paula!!

Magic beans nursery is now on Ebay! I knew her dolls looked oddly familiar. She now goes by Cradle And All Reborn Nursery or User wmdagumwj. She accepts custom orders. She is now using her own photos but scammed a lot of people on Etsy.

*****Please be careful out there people!*****

 Original blog post:
I posted about this seller on Etsy not too long ago.

She uses top artist pictures to gain custom orders for dolls.

I have been in contact with her and she said that she is changing out the pictures but I have not that happen.

She HAS added some listings with her own pictures but still relies on the bulk of her listings to be from pictures by other artists.

This is NOT the proper way to run a reborn business.

Buyers Beware.

You will not get the quality of doll that you see in the pictures.

It's just that simple.  The artwork between seller and the pictures she uses are starkly different.
That is simply the truth.

I highly stress that buyers really research from whom they are buying.  

With just a little bit of Googling, website exploration, eBay exploration and Etsy exploration, much can be learned about a seller and their work.

If you own any of the photo's posted on the Magic Beans Nursery site, 
I urge you to please contact Anna, the owner and ask her to remove them if it bothers you.

To me, this behavior is misleading to the collector.

Happy April 1st!


  1. Just wanted to update. Magic beans nursery is bad news, I should have listened to everyone. That Anna woman scammed me for 600$ and I never received Paige. I just wanna say thank you again for your time. I'm soo upset. I've contacted etsy. And going to the bank tomorrow. I rele hope I can get my money back. Just want to warn ppl not to do business with them. I should have known then. But I think all ppl have good inside and I always give the benefit of the doubt. I just can't understand why someone would do this kind of thing to another person. I guess I got what I deserve for going up to bat from them. Again I apologize for my actions and feelings I may have hurt.

    1. Thank you for coming on here and telling us your experience.
      Anna and Magic Beans Nursery has been kicked off of Etsy, but this new seller popped up and, although I have no proof to back up my intuition, I believe it is Anna and her "team" under another "team members" name. The listings are similar, the responses that she gives to people questioning the way she is selling are similar. I smell a skunk:

    2. Debbie,
      Are you so insecure that you must resort to trashing other artists in order to make yourself feel better? The skunk that you smell is likely reflected in your own mirror.

      I do not know where you get your information but it would be prudent of you to retract your comments. I am the owner and artist at Heartstrings Nursery and I can assure you that I am not now, nor have I ever been a scam artist. Furthermore, I do not know anyone connected with Magic Beans Nursery.
      My orders have always been delivered, and will always be delivered. I do not appreciate the accusation that I am part of a team of scam artists. I am always happy to answer any questions about my work, my business practices and my terms of sale, and to give references to anyone who is interested in finding out what my customers say about my work. It would be in your best interest to retract your statements lest you be sued for libel. This is the only warning you will get. If you do not comply with this, I can assure you that I will bring suit against you. You will cease and desist your defamatory accusations and allegations immediately or you will hear from my attorney.

      Bette Lambert
      Heartstrings Nursery

  2. Oh crap!!! My mother ordered a Reborn from there. My daughter picked it out. I haven't gotten it and she won't return any messages! I wish I had her phone number!

    1. Oh gosh, I am so very sorry. You can report her to Etsy and I believe you can get your money back via Etsy. I am not sure how it is done but others have gotten their money back.
      Good luck with this!!

  3. To everyone out there that is spreading this bull shit rumor needs to grow up I am the user under the username wmdagumwj on ebay. I have no idea how this started I have no idea who Anna is. I have heard of her nursery. But for you people to guess and post a blog about me and my ebay account is ridiculous and very childish. You smell a skunk I smell a jealous "reborn artist" How can you people just label my as a liar. I am a mother that just started selling my items on ebay. And you can look at my reviews anytime you want. Since all you people have nothing better to do then sit around ans speculate why don't you do some reading. I sold one baby In my months of having an account and she was very pleased. If I had realized how off base you people are I probably would have thought again about trying to start this hobby. You people have made me very sad to refer to my self as a reborn artist not one of my pics or babies are anyone else's. Were is your explanation for putting my username and accusing me of being some scam artist. Or I'm sorry a team of scam artists. I will be patiently waiting for all you bright people to reply. :-)

    1. Hi...I'm sorry, I don't know your name to which to greet you as you have not signed it or told me.
      I will get to the bottom of this and check it out better when I have time. I have just returned from a show and was not able to tend to this while I was gone.
      One of my followers, Paula, sent a comment on the "Ask Debbie" page about this user name on eBay and it's relation to Magic Beans Nursery.
      I admit, I did not have time to check it out myself but I wanted to let people know what someone else found out.
      Do you mind sharing your name and nursery name?

  4. To you Debbie... you have a lot of nerve putting my username on here accusing me of being a team of scam artists. I have no idea were you pulled that out of. I have heard of this nursery. But its sad to think that other "reborn artists" are so jealous that they post a blog accusing a seller of being someone else. Since you have so much time on your hands why dont you look at my pics. You sound ridiculous I know my babies are good but really you need to stop accusing people of things like this. I have screen shoted this post and if you people use my username In any kind of bashing was I will take this to my lawyer for harassment and slandering. Because that's what us adults do when supposed adults act like children. You smell a skunk I smell a jealous artist. I can not believe you people. I will be waiting patiently for one of you grown adults to explain how or why my name is in this bullshit or an apology. Have a nice day :-)

  5. I am the seller on Ebay using that username.Still waiting for you to remove my username from your blog. I am in no way associated with this person or "team". You have no right to just choose a user from ebay and label them as someone you had a horrible experience with. It is very unprofessional and immature. Since you already know my username on ebay and im sure you will not post my comment I have been and continue to wait for your response for putting up MY username. Any time your ready..

    1. I am ready and I have responded. And I have checked into things a little bit further. It is interesting to me that 1: You responded the way that you did. If it were me, I would kindly contact and state, "I am sorry, there has obviously been a mistake and I would like you to check further and clear my user ID from this post" instead of responding with vulgarity and legal threats the way that you did.
      2: It is interesting that the links to your user ID that were shared with me show that your location has changed from Alabama (amazing since Anna/Magic Beans Nursery claimed to be in Alabama) to Michigan. And, your other user ID of southernstylestudios has several locations in Alabama claimed.
      Would you like to comment now?

  6. Yes I would. First of all My shipping location never changed. I have lived in Michigan my whole life. Second of all I probably would have been a little nicer if there was not some big blog about how im a scammer. I felt and still feel like all you people ganged up on me. I have never had a nursery and things like this will never allow me to get a good starting chance. You need to do a little more research honey because I do not have another username. Like I said before I have only sold and shipped one baby and it was a zombie baby. So how do you put your facts together. It seems to me you people are desperate to label some as the scammer from that nursery keep on looking babe because its not me. Also I am sorry for being disrespectful but I came across this and it is not fair that people can just put another person out there and give them a bad reputation. I just started reborning but I am working hard to build a name for myself, but never in a million years did I think that I would be confused with a horrible person who would do things like this. I am more then willing to prove to all your readers that I am not that person. My work is important to me and this whole experience has been heartbreaking for me.

    1. This reply box does not allow the posting of live links but I'll post them here for copy and paste into browsers.

      Is this not your user ID in Anniston, Alabama?

      And this one WAS southerstylestudios until yesterday when it changed to craftprincess33, both in Anniston, Alabama. The listing is identical to the way you list your other dolls as well as how Anna/Magic Beans Nursery listed on Etsy. Anna was shut down on Etsy in March, the ID wmdagumwj was started in March. That is how research is done.


      Unless your user ID has been stolen, which I do not know how that can happen, really, but I suppose it can, you can clearly see that your auctions show two different locations. But, the listings are formulated the same way.

  7. Ok. Yes thats my username with a listing in Alabama. I was on vacation about three weeks ago. My paypal location has never changed. That baby sold and I cant help it if someone else listed him. Second of all im sure that anna is not the only person that lives in Alabama. And if I was so worried and had all these different usernames dont you think I would change them all? Nothing about my ebay has changed granted I took a few ideas from other people's listings so they look and sound good. I appreciate you keeping people updated and on the look out for people like that...but I am not one of them. I do not do custom orders I have never had a nursery. Im not sure how you figured I started my ebay in march...im not sure what month I started it. Im sure im not the only person that started an ebay this year. Honey im sorry your so sure that I am this person but im NOT. My shipping location is Dearborn heights mi has been my whole life like I said before. Its sad that this horrible person scammed all these innocent people out of their hard earned money. I would like to find who she is now. This is not ok. And I have changed my mind you do not have to take down my username, because I think you will find this lady and my name will be cleared. Im sorry that this is the way we had to meet but Im sure you understand my concern about all this.

    1. You should read the topic I posted today, August 20th. Maybe you will learn something about yourself that you didn't know before.

  8. Hi, I was scammed by Magic beans Nursery TWICE. I was treating myself to two reborn babies at the same time. They stole over 800.00 dollars from me. They were rude, and downright mean in their answers to my questions about my orders. I assume first that people are all good, thoughtful, loving, and considerate, especially those that sell to the public. I am not one to smell a skunk right away, I did get my money back from Etsy, they were very sorry about this. At the time of the first reimbursement , I was so sad, that I immediately bought a new custom reborn from a Nursery on Etsy that was mentioned above, Heartstrings Nursery, in Alabama. I have yet to get this doll that was purchased on April 26th 2014, and I now smell a skunk..... I am a slow learner , I suppose, one thing I know is that I will Never order another custom ever again!

  9. I am so very sorry this happened to you. I am glad you got your money back from Magic Beans and hope you can from Heartstrings if they do not deliver. Are they communicating with you?

    I still feel strongly that all of these names and accounts are related, including the eBay ID plus two others that have a likeness to this same seller.

    One of those sellers is selling dolls then immediately re-listing the sold dolls. Maybe that is in an effort to offer a "custom" without using the word custom. I do not know why they would do that.

    Once again, buyers really need to check things out on their sellers. ~sigh~ Sad we have to be THIS careful.

    Hang in there!

    1. HI I just want everyone here to know that my business name for the last 30 years has been Heartstrings art from the heart and I'm from Indianapolis. I don't want to be confused with what is going on here. Thanks

    2. Hello Heartstrings Art from the Heart! Welcome to my blog.
      Where do you do your selling at so that I can become familiar with you so that when people ask I can send them your way in good faith :)