Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Body adjustments...

Back in November, I purchased a DARLING reborn doll from a very young
(14 year old) budding artist.

I named her Madison:
When I "adopted" her, I knew already that she would need a different body. 
I could tell from her pictures. 
Her arms were too long, her torso too short and her legs were too close to her torso and off to the side too much.

Here she is "nakie" in the body she arrived with:

Because her sculpt has a shoulder, she does not need caps in her arms.

I ordered the body that was created for her sculpt, "Crystal" from Bountiful Baby
but I felt the torso on that body was much too short and not chubby enough.

So, I ordered a custom Chelle body and finally had time to replace her body.
Chelle knows that I like a chubby body and that I like the body to have extra room so that the doll moves well with it's weighting material inside.

I think I ordered the leg caps too large so I may change those out some day when I have time.

 I ended up putting a little tuck in her chest and dressed her all up:

Doesn't she remind you of an old fashioned baby and portrait?  
I should have put high top walkers on her!  :)

I love baby Madison.

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