Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Since this post, Renee has removed every photo that does not belong to her.


I came across a Facebook post of a doll that was for sale.  I knew right off that the doll pictured that was
 "on sale" that day for $169 was not the doll that was for sale, so I went inquiring.  

On this person's page, I found many pictures of other artists dolls with NO clarification that the doll in the picture was not the doll they would get.  

The pictures were actually screenshots or pictures of pictures on a computer screen.

And some were used for her timeline pictures, which is REALLY wrong!

The person in question

did add to the pictures that she did not do the dolls in the pictures after I contacted her, but she is still very misleading in dealing with customer inquiries.  

She has blocked me from commenting or messaging her page, but she posts her phone number so I will be calling her today because she has some of my pictures on her page now.  

This behavior is WRONG!

There are ways that you can use other artist pictures and not be misleading to customers but she is not doing that.  

These are the ways  that are most appropriate:

#1.  Reborn the sculpt and show the pictures of the doll that YOU reborned.

#2.  Add a link to the company that makes the kit so that the customer can see the blank kit and how other artists have interpreted it through the prototypes.

#3.  As a last resort, ASK to use other people's photos before you do and clearly state that the doll will be different than what is viewed in the photos.

You might want to take a look at her page to check for your pictures being used without permission.

Keeping it pure....

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