Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Build a Baby/Create a Baby workshop, Portland, Oregon

What a wonderful and fun time I had guiding two adult ladies and two young ladies in assembling their own manufactured, pre-painted Create a Baby kit at the Portland, Oregon Crossroads Doll and Teddy Bear show.

I taught the ladies my basic technique for balancing and weighting reborn dolls and they all fell in love with their 16 inch babies!

My two adult gals, Kathy and Karissa:

 My two child gals (Megan and Jena) and one of my best friends, Becky. 
These girls are my and Becky's granddaughters  :) 

The workshop was on the show room floor so it was fun having people stop by to watch.  
It was pretty quiet at this moment that I took this picture.

 Miss Megan, Becky's granddaughter, hard at work:

 Kathy putting stuffing in the shoulders:

 Kathy is checking the balance on her doll before tightening and clipping the zip ties:

Megan is getting pretty excited!

A look of accomplishment and excitement as her doll is almost born  :)

Jena is checking the balance on her baby:

Kathy is making the final zip tie clips!

 Karissa is checking the balance on her baby:

 Oh dear, very dark picture!  
Megan is getting her newly born baby dressed:

 As is my silly Jena!

Megan and Jena and their new babies!
Megan's baby is a boy, Jena's is a girl.

 Doubly, doubly cute! 

Karissa is lovingly dressing her new baby:

Jena and her sweet girl, Stephanie:

Kathy and her new baby boy:

 Karissa and her new baby girl:
 Such darling little dolls!
Awe, we had such a wonderful time!!!

This was Megan and Jena's first doll shows.  
We grandma's had a BLAST with them!  
They both made several purchases and we loved watching them play and love on their new dolls and stuffies.  

I'll show you more about that later.

For now, I am pleased to have had a very successful and FUN workshop!


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