Sunday, February 9, 2014

New live class title: Make the Switch to Air Dry Paints

I was invited to teach at a new doll show and conference that will be held
 in Denver, Colorado in July of 2015. 

This new show is called the ROSE show and class registrations are available for purchase now.

The show administration asked that I focus my class on teaching the person who has painted dolls before (using Genesis paints) but desired to change over to Air Dry Paints.  

Hence the new focus and passion for live classes starting in the fall of 2014 and continuing as long as needed. 


There are so many misinterpreted misgivings regarding air dry paints and they seem to have magnified here lately as more people consider the risks of baking vinyl verses using air dry paints.

My classes will be intense not only with the TRUE information regarding air dry paints (remember, I have been using them since 2008) but also in in-depth, hands on skill as I teach my techniques for creating a multidimensional LIVE skin tone using them.

I am very excited about the revamped class opportunities as well as having a large convention and doll show on MY side of the Rockies!

I will be keeping you updated on the upcoming shows.



  1. I am so very happy that I started out with the Art & Magic air dry paints thanks to Debbie's AWESOME tutorials!!! These paints adhere to the vinyl so well and I am MORE than pleased with the dolls and how they turned out!!! Very easy to work with and wow... so realistic!

    1. Whooo-Hooo! Thank you Melissa! I am doing the happy dance that you love the paints! I love them too :)

      So glad I could help!!